Hypnotherapist Fife David Stocks  GHR(Reg), SQHP, NRH Senior Clinical Hypnotherapist Fife

Hypnotherapist Fife for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

 2 Crowhill Road,
 Dalgety Bay,
 KY11 9LJ
01383 821177
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Dalgety Bay Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Slimming, IBS, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Stop Smoking, Insomnia, Phobias, etc.

2 Crowhill Road,
Dalgety Bay, KY11 9LJ
Tel: 01383 821177
Email: hidden from hackers

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Please contact me for an assessment of the cost, as the number of sessions required varies according to the client and problem. I do occasionally, offer concessions in case of genuine hardship. However, most sessions cost 90 and may last up to 3 hours. Note that there is a 30 non-returnable deposit for all treatments. This is a "rolling" deposit, so the 30 is deducted from the cost of your final session.

Note that the first time you come, we start with the Initial Consultation (IC). This may take up to around 3 hours, depending upon the individual. We discuss your problem and possible treatment, and then, if we both agree that hypnosis is the right course, we proceed to the first session. If you do not want to go ahead at all, then you don't pay any more. So, you are under no obligation to continue to a session. It's always best to go straight in to the first session. NB If you decide that you do want to proceed with treatment, but starting on a different day, you pay 30 for the IC, to cover the 3 hours set aside, so you have to place a new deposit for the next appointment.

Please contact me for an assessment of the cost, as this varies according to the client and problem.

To some, the cost of hypnotherapy may seem like a lot, however a course of treatment will probably cost a lot less than the cost of, say, replacing the clutch in your car. It depends on the importance you attach to your happiness and well-being. Smokers can make up this money Moneyin only a few weeks, leaving aside the fact that it may save their lives! In cases of genuine financial hardship, say unemployed single mums, I may be able to sort something out.

I believe that it is unethical to ask for block payments covering multiple sessions, (how can I know in advance how many sessions will be required?), so you only pay for each session after you have it, (except for 'smoking therapy' -see below.) 

Note also that my sessions last up to around two hours. This makes it much cheaper for the client in the long run. It takesTwoHour a finite time to induce a suitable level of hypnosis, leaving the remaining time to do actual work. Where a session is only one hour long this means that a significant proportion of time is lost. Having two-hour sessions means that a course of treatment only takes about five sessions, whereas a client may need twelve to fifteen one-hour sessions.

You must provide three full working days warning of a cancellation, or forfeit this. If you postpone a session without allowing 3 full working days, you will be charged half the full rate for the missed session.

Stop Smoking Therapy: Unfortunately, my experience is that too many people make appointments to stop smoking, and then don't show up for their first appointment. Please don't make an appointmentunless you truly are committed to going through with treatment. Whilst a significant number of my clients do stop after only one session, it's unrealistic to always expect this. Again, unless you're truly committed to see it through, please don't waste your money.

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